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Into the Wind does carry Tyvek.  Cheap Joes <www.cheapjoes.com> sells
Tygerag, which is a Tyvek graphics paper.  I think Dick Blick has it as that
too.  To find a source in the UK, you might try asking for Tygerag.

Another good source would be a friendly neighborhood builder.  Here, Tyvek is
routinely used as a wrap in homebuilding.  Maybe the brand name is different
there, but I'm sure British builders use it too. I got a whole bunch free by
asking a builder for scraps.  It does have "Dupont Tyvek" written on it, but
there is a lot of empty space between the advertising.  If the Tyvek is
dusty, you can easily wash it off before you use it.

When I was looking for Tyvek, I did Google searches for Tyvek and for Tygerag
and got a lot of sources and info.  There are people discussing and selling
it for uses as varied as book conservation, camping, marine, kite-making,
office needs, and graphic arts.


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