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Re: [BKARTS] Book Plow

I've seen some bookbinding books describe this technique using a knife
specially sharpened for the job.

The lifting problem may in fact be due to improper sharpening of the chisel.
A chisel can be perfectly sharp but still sharpened improperly if the bevel
shape is wrong.
In particular, if there is even a microscopic bevel on the back face of the
chisel it will be difficult to make a straight cut this way. You may not
notice the problem when cutting wood because the cut-off chip is stiff
enough to press the edge down a bit.

When sharpening the chisel, the few strokes given on the back side must be
done with the chisel perfectly flat on the sharpening stone.

Correcting a chisel which has a back bevel is quite time-consuming since the
entire back must be ground away (flat) until the back bevel is gone. That's
a lot of metal to remove, which weakens the chisel body.
-Kevin Martin
 the Papertrail

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