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Re: [BKARTS] oak boards?


You want air-dried, quarter-split white oak.  Since that is hard
to come by, unless you want to work up your own wood (as I do)
buy quarter sawn white oak and have it milled down to the thickness
you wish to use.

Quarter-split, air-dried wood is more predictable in it's response
to changes in relative humidity/moisture.

Kiln-dried, quarter-sawn wood may work just fine, but it is not
as dependable in it's response to the environment.

If one is making an exemplar, the differences are not so important,
but if one is restoring a medieval book which lacks boards it is
very important.

For example, I harvest, split, and air dry my own oak for book boards
and it takes approx. 6 years to go from stump to shelf.

Every year I split some more boards and set them aside to dry; that way,
there is always some oak close to ready to use.

There is an article about this on my web page.


>Where can I obtain oak boards for binding?
>(I'm going to try a medieval style binding for my next project.)
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