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Re: [BKARTS] wood language

> "er - isn't that the other way around?  Rift for red and white oak, and
> quarter-sawn for everything else, especially including the spruce that is
> used for instrumental soundboards on everything from fiddles to

"In quartersawn lumber or quarter-sliced veneer, the plane of cut is 90
degrees more or less, to the growth rings. ...To reduce the size of ray
flecks and yet produce an interesting pattern, woods such as lacewood and
oak are sometimes cut just off the true radial in order to produce rift-cut
or rift-sawn surfaces. "

R.Bruce Hoadley, "Understanding Wood : A Craftsman's Guide to Wood
Technology", The Taunton Press, 1980, ISBN 0-918804-05-1, page 18

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