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[BKARTS] Wood Engraving - ID

<!-- The message below was sent to me, with the request I pass it on to the
list's collective wisdom. Please respond directly to her.

Thanks, p.


Hello Peter - Hope you are well. I have been helping a lady sell a print
shop since her husband died. She has a lot of type from the mid 1800's on.
Recently she sent some me some wood engravings. I suspect they are from the
mid to late 1800's. The first engraving has the name Morton or Horton at the
bottom (Jim was probably not around in the mid 1800's!) I am wondering if
anyone on the list can give me any information on the engraver or on the
cuts themselves. I am not taking any commission, just helping out, so I am
not profiting from any information I receive.

The first engraving is at

The second engraving is not signed. Does it look as if it might be the same
engraver? http://users.bestweb.net/~bpress/eltype/engr2-p.jpg

Any information re age, engraver etc. will be greatly appreciated.

As always, thanks for your help.

Elizabeth Nevin
bpress <bpress@bestweb.net>


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