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[BKARTS] New edition of Tanselle's bibliography syllabus

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The Book Arts Press pleased to announce that the long-awaited fifth BAP
edition (19th revision) of G. Thomas Tanselle's Introduction to
Bibliography: Seminar Syllabus is now available. At 370 pages, this edition
is substantially larger than the fourth (1996) edition, which contained 236
         Close and Best Friends of Rare Book School are reminded that they
will shortly receive a copy of the new edition of Tanselle's Introduction
to Bibliography as part of their membership.

 From the author's preface to Introduction to Bibliography:
The syllabus is divided into nine parts, which can be grouped under three
rubrics. Parts 1-3 provide an introduction to the diverse literature of the
whole field of bibliography conceived as the study of the physical book.
Part 1 attempts to suggest the scope and history of the field by offering
lists of writings -- including biographies and memoirs -- in such areas as
book collecting, bookselling, library history, and bibliographical
scholarship; Part 2 is a guide to the kinds of reference works and journals
that exist to support research on the physical book; and Part 3 covers
studies in printing and publishing history, including the history of
authorship, reading, and the role of books in society. The next group
comprises Parts 4-8, which deal with descriptive bibliography and the study
of the constituent elements of books [bibliographical description, paper,
typography and layout, illustration, and binding]. Part 9 is concerned with
analytical bibliography."

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