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Re: [BKARTS] Book Plow: Once Again

I would worry a bit about leaving a stain on the cut paper edge.

Unfinished aluminum will rub off gray (aluminum oxide), unless you can get
the surfaces that rub the paper anodized, which makes the oxide hard enough
not to wear off. Make sure the handles and knobs are anodized too, or your
hands will get black and leave fingerprints on your paper.

Unfinished steel can get surface rust which will leave reddish stains on
paper. On a wooden plough, the blade is plain steel but is small enough to
be cleaned before use if any rust should appear.
You can't rely on a coat of oil to prevent rust, since oil will leave a
grease stain on the paper if there is too much of it.

And stainless steel is a pain to machine.
-Kevin Martin
 the Papertrail

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