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Re: [BKARTS] metal plough

> In response to my previous post, I received many valuable suggestions and am encouraged to make my own Plow (or Plough). The question comes to my mind is - Is there any special reason that the Plow has to be wooden? I have access to a machine shop and can make a metallic Plow easily and I think it will be durable and will better maintain its accuracy.

At the Art Guild of Dallas Bookbinding lab, we have a cast iron laying press and plough, I don't remember the name. I haven't used it, but I have moved the plough back and forth to get a feel for it, and have been told it works easily. I believe its on ball bearing rollers.

My own laying press and plough I bought from J. Hewitt  a couple of years ago is all wood, and like other wooden bookbinding products, can be enjoyable to use just for the feel of it. But I have a feeling the metal one would be easier to use in the long run, especially with thicker books. In the long run, I personally prefer to use a guillotine! Not as classic, but a lot easier if doing a multi-book edition (like I do for Christmas.)


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