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[BKARTS] Message formatting instructions on Book Arts Website please!

Hi Billy:

Your question about the = appearing in messages keeps getting asked every week. It would be good if there were instructions on proper message format for this list server. I checked the website and there is none. With all kinds of message formats being used today, this is important.

I am writing this e-mail in plain text "quoted printable" format. The "quoted printable" format is what I use for all my e-mail, except when I post to the Book Arts List I usually go into "Tools/Options" in Microsoft Outlook and change to Uuencode which wraps at 76 characters or whatever I set it too. The Book Arts List Server does add line breaks to unwrapped lines which show up as = signs. Using html format also appears with = signs. The archive messages however don't appear to have hard line breaks added and appear as weird long lines. It would be good at least if the messages were formatted the same in all situations.

Maybe one of these is your problem?

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-----Original Message-----
I note that my messages appear weirdly formatted,
especially in the Digest. I'm typing this message on
short lines so that it hopefully won't be formatted

I am on several various mail-lists, and haven't seen
this problem before. If anyone has an idea what I=20
need to do to get the messages formatted better,
I'd appreciate knowing! I mainly use a web-based
email client, so there's no a whole lot I can do. If=20
necessary though, I'll use one of my other email=20


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