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[BKARTS] Looking for a "low-brow" archival tape?


Been a lurker for many years and love reading everyone's contributions.
Now I have a question that might be a bit silly, but you folks are the
experts on book preservation and repair...

I have a four-year-old and a two-year-old (and a five month old, but she
is not currently the problem). In regards to books, our policy is to
encourage as much interaction with books as possible, so really valuable
books go in the office, valuable books go on high shelves, and most all
other reading material is readily accessible knowing full well the
risks. We'd rather teach them to grab a book any time but treat them
with respect, and take a few hits to the Dr. Seuss collection along the
way. And there is something truly joyful and hopeful in catching a
two-year-old running his fingers along a page, pretending to read John
Keats of all things, albeit holding the collected works upside down!

Thing is, they now feel sad when they've 'hurt' a book when the
inevitable accidents happen and want me to fix them. But rather than
repair them half-arsed with scotch tape or clear packing tape (the
results of which are clear from the books I victimized in my childhood),
I figure part of the lesson should be that anything this valuable should
be given a respectable repair.

These are far from rare manuscripts from the 16th century, so I'm
certainly not looking for extraordinary measures. But even as a rank
amateur, I would take some pride in my repair of "Bears in the Night"
lasting until such time as my kids can perhaps tell their kids about it
being their favorite book from childhood, well-worn but still intact
despite early damage. We're mainly dealing with small tears, the
occasional torn out page, several now-inanimate pop-up books, and one
cover ripped clean off.

So is there such a thing as an archival quality 'scotch' tape? What do
better librarians and archivists use to patch up damage to
'run-of-the-mill' books?

Thanks in advance!



Winston Pei, BA, MGDC

Black Riders Design
3611 27 Ave NW
Edmonton AB  T6L 6C5

Phone: 780-913-0031

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