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Re: [BKARTS] Looking for a "low-brow" archival tape? What about edge gluing?

I was wondering if using tape or paper strips is the only way of fixing torn
pages. Seems like a huge and ugly way of making a repair when you really
think of it. Considering that some people are willing to pay good money some
more sophisticated methods may be possible?

Is it impossible to actually glue the edges of the paper together? When I
was developing fuel cells at Ballard a few years ago, I hand deposited paper
thin "poured in place" seals on the carbon paper electrodes under a high
power stereo microscope using a foot actuated syringe. Every strand of the
carbon paper was clearly visible and it was possible with a super fine
hollow needle to inject minute amounts of sealant onto selected areas of the
paper. In fact using tweezers the actual paper strands near the edge might
be manipulated into mesh? Anyone tried this?

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-----Original Message-----
I would suggest that lens paper and starch paste would be the best and
easiest repair method. You probably can get the lens paper from a photo
store (it is used to clean camera lenses) and the starch paste can be
purchased at most scrapbook stores.
I have spent many hours removing tape from children's books with which some
well-meaning parent fixed a tear. Years later the grandchildren now treasure
the book so much they will pay a hundred dollars to repair it. When fixing
any book always try to follow two major rules. Never use any procedure that
cannot be reversed and think centuries, not years.

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