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Re: [BKARTS] Looking for a "low-brow" archival tape?

Like Dave I have also spent hours (and hours and hours) removing tape 
from paper.  Two seconds to apply the tape—thirty minutes to take it 
off.  It's expensive to the client, and it's frustratingfor the 

And then there is the damage to paper and ink caused by the adhesive and 
the damaged paper that broke along the hard edge of the carrier.  This 
is why I don't use tape anymore, nor do I recommend its use.  However, 
people are accustomed to tape, and they will use it, and so 
understanding that, I try to point them in the direction of soft-edged 
paper products with advice to never apply it over printing.

Lens paper sounds like a good solution to the problem of finding a 
suitable paper for use with starch paste.

Eugene, OR

On Monday, September 30, 2002, at 11:20 AM, Dave Allen wrote:

> Winston,
> I would suggest that lens paper and starch paste would be the best and 
> easiest repair method. You probably can get the lens paper from a photo 
> store (it is used to clean camera lenses) and the starch paste can be 
> purchased at most scrapbook stores.
> I have spent many hours removing tape from children's books with which 
> some well-meaning parent fixed a tear. Years later the grandchildren 
> now treasure the book so much they will pay a hundred dollars to repair 
> it. When fixing any book always try to follow two major rules. Never 
> use any procedure that cannot be reversed and think centuries, not 
> years.
> Dave
> David Allen
> Beddall Bookbinding Conservation & Restoration
> 840 Snowdrop Avenue
> Victoria, British Columbia
> (250) 888-9380
> http://www.WebVictoria.com/beddall/

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