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[BKARTS] book covers

I'm planning to make a memory book, but I haven't been
able to find an appropriate bookcloth for the cover.
I have some that I want to use at least for the spine
part, but I couldn't find anything else that
coordinated well with the first cloth.  I thought
about using paper, but the paper-bound memory books
that I've seen have a more worn look to them than the
cloth-bound variety and that's not what I want.  In
one of my books, there's a photo album made out of
solid colour bookcloth for the spine and a
plaid/madras cloth was used for the rest of the cover.
 This is the look I want, but I've never seen
bookcloth like this before.  Does it exist or do you
think that the person who made the book used regular
fabric and treated it so it could be used as a

If I were to bind the whole cover of this
screwpost-bound memory book using the first bookcloth
that I have, what are other ways I can make the cover
look a little more decorative and still maintain its
acid-free/archival quality?  I want it to look
slightly more dressed up than the Kolo books out
there, but not too ornate.


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