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[BKARTS] removing deposits on leather bindings

I have been given about thirty books with nice leather bindings to
restore for the original owner's grandson.

The problem is that all the books have a granular yellowish deposit
on the covers and page edges. The grandson confidentially admitted
to me that at the end of his life the grandfather was a compulsive
mastrubator and that he believed the stains to be semen.

A friend of mine that sells laundry supplies to the hospitality
industry let me try a sample of Cum-Along, a product intended to
remove  sweat and sex stains from expensive "Honeymoon Suite"
sheets and other fabrics. While the stuff does dissolve the
deposits and removes the brownish-yellow stain underneath, it
somewhat bleaches the red and yellow dyes in the leather.

The resulting rings have edges darker than the rest of the cover at
the edge of where the stain is removed, and the leather is
noticeably lighter where the work was done.

Admittedly, Cum-Along works wonderfully for it's intended purpose,
that was proved to me as it did a marvelous job of cleaning up the
mess left behind when my daughter Eve's triplets spent a week-end
with me -- with their boy friends. (Picture my housekeeper striping
three beds twice a day for three days and four nights.)<GRIPE> I
think they came for a honeymoon instead of a visit.</GRIPE>

Anyone have a better solution or any idea how to restore the color
to the leather?


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