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Re: [BKARTS] Looking for a "low-brow" archival tape? Edge gluing?

Jack, interesting information about edge gluing pages. Just wondering how
durable the glued together cut is with PVA? I assume there is no fiber

For those that may want to buy the video, is it still available for sale? I
did not see it mentioned on your website.

As a side issue Jack, you asked when will there be affordable fuel cells for
use in your off-the-grid cabin? The key here is affordable. There are a few
limited quantities of fuel cells being sold today but they are a bit
expensive. Fuel cells have been in development for over 200 years already
and they still can't seem to get them right. You will want a fuel cell
running directly on propane, diesel, or gasoline. A few companies were
proposing to be selling such small fuel cells in the 1 kw variety already
this year, but they have had problems. At the moment, the company most
poised to be in your market is Sulzer Hexis (Europe) with their 1 kw Solid
Oxide Fuel Cell. Might be big enough for your cabin. They are already in
limited production. Price is expected to be around US$3000-5000 and
availability in the USA is projected to be 2005. Prices are eventually
expected to be around US$1000 for this type of fuel cell. See

Sulzer Hexis Website http://www.hexis.com/

Ben Wiens...applied energy scientist
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E-mail: ben@benwiens.com
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Read my popular web-booklet "The Future of Fuel Cells"

-----Original Message-----
A few years ago I produced a short videotape entitled "Book Repair for
Circulating Collections" and it shows how to do edge gluing of cuts on
paper using an archival PVA (Jade 403) and a needle.

No microscopes necessary....  In essence, 'stitches' of PVA are applied
as dots at the cut edge using a common needle as an adhesive carrier.

The repair is boned down between sheets of silicone release paper (check
with a local baker if you don't want to purchase a roll of the stuff; it
is what they line baking pans with, or so I've been told.)

One of the other things demonstrated on the video is cutting 'archival'
self-adhesive tape into narrower widths before applying it to a cut/torn
edge of a book page.

On a personal note, Ben, when will there be affordable fuel cells for use
in my off-the-grid cabin?


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