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Re: [BKARTS] Los Angeles Book Arts Center

Congratulations Lisa! Today I would love to be in California. First to go to the
opening of the inaugural exhibition in LA from noon to 5, and then up to
Claremont to see Betty Bright deliver the Frederic W. Goudy Lecture, "Who Put
the Art in Book Art?" at Scripps College, at 7:30 p.m. If that lecture is
videotaped I would like to buy a copy.

Katie, hang in there. Leadership is important to any development, so don't be
too surprised if nothing happens when you're not active. You also may find that
you have planted a seed that will grow over time. And it may happen that when
the result of your mission flowers, nobody remembers that it was you who started
it. To paraphrase James Mackenzie, many great contributions have been made by
those whose names are lost to oblivion, and one must be content with the
knowledge that one has played an important role.

When I started the Center for Book Arts in 1974 it took two years of intense
work without a single day off. There was no financial backing. The Center was
supported by the production work of the apprentices and by class tuitions.

Los Angeles has had a substantial and diverse book art community for many years,
and is fortunate to have so many dedicated people that could make the new Center
happen. This is not LA's first attempt at organizing book artists. Abracadabra
was a significant force in this respect. It would be great of someone (or more
than one) who was there would post a personal history of the development of the
book art movement in LA to this list. Thinking about LA book arts made me look
at the short history of the book art movement I gave at the SHARP conference
last year:


and I am guilty of neglecting the Los Angeles movement in it. If some folks from
there would post an accurate history of SoCal book art either here or the LABAC
website or wherever, I would like to add some LA highlights to the above paper
and and add a link to the LA site.

Also, if anyone knows of any other missing zones, organizations or people for
that paper I would be happy to add more info.  It is one one the most accessed
pages on my website, so I would like it to be as complete and accurate a
resource as possible.



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