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[BKARTS] clarification

Re: Katie Harper's concerns about the efficacy of starting a book arts
center in Cincinnati, the board of the Cincinnati Book Arts Society
would like to offer a clarification.

Katie has been a tremendous force in making CBAS a viable arts
organization in the Cincinnati area.  Several of us who are now on the
board are here because of her excellent leadership skills and in
response to her terrific energy and commitment to CBAS and the idea of
starting a book arts center here.  As with any new endeavor, it takes a
great deal of time and work from people, all of whom are already
juggling numerous responsibilities, to make it happen.  The
clarification I wish to make is that Katie chose to resign from the
board in June, and may, therefore, not be fully aware of the wide range
of work that the remaining 12 board members have been doing to move
towards the goal of a book arts center and to make CBAS a vibrant and
important part of the Cincinnati cultural spectrum.

Celene Hawkins
Cincinnati Book Arts Society

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