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[BKARTS] Librarians revolt (via Metafilter)

...and here I thought this would be a simple forward.  Turns out that
"Revolting Librarians" was a book of writings (poems?) by librarians.
The first link is to on-line text of the original publication.  The
second link leads to information about a current attempt to publish a
new version of "Revolting Librarians."  Two of the last three links
are to personal pages and librarian.net is a web log for librarians -
interesting read.

I do feel the need to state that I know nothing of the internal
library politics that makes this such a hot topic in some circles.
Please don't hold it against me if you have a differing opinion.  At
the moment I have none - still reading the sites.  I'm just a

(via Metafilter.com)

In 1972 the librarians were revolting

Now they're at it again <http://www.librarian.net/revolting/>.

  Katia Roberto <http://alexia.lis.uiuc.edu/~kroberto/> and Jessamyn
West <http://librarian.net/> <http://jessamyn.com/> are compiling a
sequel to the famous (or infamous) classic of radical librarianship.

- Duncan
"I hate quotations."
             -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

   Duncan   http://www.campbell-logan.com

        Campbell-Logan Bindery, Inc.
              Minneapolis, MN

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