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Re: [BKARTS] Book repair equipment wanted

For our book repair facility I've purchased used/refurbished equipment
from American Graphic Arts:

They have board shears, guillotines, etc.

For presses and ploughs (which trims the text block) try:
Bookmakers --  http://www.bookmakerscatalog.com/
TALAS  -- http://www.talasonline.com/
Gaylord -- http://www.gaylordmart.com/
University Products -- http://www.universityproducts.com/main2.html

The only vendor I know with the board crimper for making phase boxes is
Hollinger -- http://www.hollingercorp.com/

Hope this is helpful,
Ann Frellsen
Collections Conservator
Preservation Office,  Woodruff Library, Rm. 127
Emory University Libraries
Atlanta, GA  30322-2870
phone: 404-727-0307         FAX  404-727-0053

John Dillon wrote:

>Specifically, can anyone recommend a good source or vendor for heavier duty
>repair equipment?  We're interested in the following:
>-creaser / phase box maker
>-board shear
>-book presses
>-text block cutter/guillotine

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