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[BKARTS] copyright

[I'm also wondering about copyright permission for a one sentence quotation
that will be used as the epigram of the book. Do I need permission, or is
this considered fair use?]

Recently, I used two sentences from William Kittredge's book, The Nature of
Generosity for an edition of 100 bookmarks and in the spirit of
thoughtfulness, I contacted Random House. The curt reply at each level of
phone person until I reached the copyright division may be a corporate
style. However, their request to fax the permission request was by auto
attendant and the reply was by form mail stating there was no need to gain
permission for my use. In all, I felt I had been a bother to them. But this
is just my experience.

I still vote for asking permission and always applaud stating the name of
the book and the author.


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