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[BKARTS] Source for Linen Twine

Greetings to the Group,

We are seeking the 3, 5 and 8 chord linen twine which has previously been
available from Talas.  Their 7th Edition Catalogue, dated June 1997 shows it on
page 26, indicating it is a "first quality polished flax twine, ......imported
from Belgium"

According to the good folk at Talas, this Belgium twine is no longer available
("the manufacturer stopped supplying this material altogether").  Talas have
found a replacement for the 8 chord, but not for the 3 and 5 chord.   We are
looking for all three sizes of this smooth, round, firm, linen chord for use in
the occasional flexible binding, and for headbands and false raised bands.  (We
have a small sample of each here).

So, can anyone direct us to another source for this twine, or know of a good
alternative with which they have had experience?  Does anyone in Europe know who
this Belgium manufacturer might be, as we would like to contact them to verify

Thank you, if you can assist.

Peter Krantz

Book Restorations.

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