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Re: [BKARTS] copyright for library shelves

Huh?!? CIP gives BASIC cataloging information so that the libraries may
have an easier time cataloging a work to get it into the online catalog.
It has NOTHING to do with copyright.

Artists (of what ever ilk) own the copyright to their work, whether
registered at LC or not. Work for hire, or certain other publications may
mean that copyright is no longer held by the artist, and that's another

If a library buys an artist's work, that artist still owns the copyright.
In most cases that will not limit what the libraries can do with the
works, except if they chose to reproduce the work. Certain aspects may
come into play such as fair use, but that's area is becoming increasingly
muddled. Copyright permission is not needed to buy a work, by anyone.
You're selling it/donating it/... You still own the copyright. You just no
longer own the physical artifact.

An example. Library X owns the photographs of "World Famous Photographer,"
including negatives... Estate holds the copyright to all these. Somebody
needs a copy of the photo for a book. They contact us, to ask to use our
artifact, they contact the estate for permission to use in book... Can it
get complicated? yes!

There are a bunch of links to official (Library of Congress) and other
related copyright FAQ's at the bottom of the Book Arts Links page at



Philobiblon: Book Arts Different by Design
Peter D. Verheyen

On Wed, 9 Oct 2002, Ann Grasso wrote:

> [CIP is only needed for a book that will appear on library shelves.]
> Continuing question:
> If artist books are held in special collections within libraries, should
> they then have copyright permission?
> A.

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