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[BKARTS] Copyright

Dear List: 

As there have been several questions regarding copyright, I thought it might help to point everyone to the excellent website of the U.S. Copyright Office (no really, it is good).  The site has pamphlets for download that, in lay terms, outline the rather Byzantine copyright laws.  Here's the link: 


Also, if anyone has a serious problem related to their works, I encourage them to contact their local office of Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (VLA).  VLA does a great deal of pro bono (i.e. free) legal work for artists--everything from incorporation and organizational issues to litigation.  Here are a couple of links: 

VLA New York:  http://www.vlany.org/

An independent site that lists local chapters: http://www.starvingartistslaw.com/help/volunteer%20lawyers.htm

As an aside, neither of the mentioned uses would likely be found an infringement--especially if they are correctly attributed (something one should always do when quoting).  And don't feel like you are "bothering" publishers' copyright or general counsel offices if you have close call--that is what they are there for. 

Yours, etc. 

Jeff Loop

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