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Re: [BKARTS] Black Walnut Paper

Black walnut hulls can be soaked overnight in plain water and then boiled for
an hour in that water.  The liquid is strained and used as is.  It is usually
applied to dry paper, redried and externally sized.  It can be added to the
vat, but the color is completely water soluble and will not be retained bu
the pulp.

> Anyone on the list have experience making paper with black walnuts?  I did
> it
> 6 or 7 years ago and can't find my notes.  I added the cooked black walnuts
> (the outer cover of the nut, not the nut itself) to Abaca and it made
> beautiful paper.  But I can't remember how long I cooked it or how much
> soda
> ash I used if I did use soda ash,  and if I soaked it before cooking.  Any
> suggestions?  I have Bell's book, Plant Fibers for Papermaking, but it
> doesn't cover black walnuts.  Thank you.  Amy

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