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[BKARTS] hide glue and PVA

Bruce... Yes, PVA will adhere to hide glue; this bond can be maximized by
applying the PVA after lightly dampening the hide glue on the spine.
It is still advisable to remove as much of the hide glue as possible (without
damaging the spine folds of course) because hide glues tend to be acidic and
will degrade the spine folds. The hide glue will also become dry, brittle,
and fail as an adhesive, loosening the bond between spine folds and your
spine linings.
You will be better advised, I think, to consider using gelatin (see the List
archives) and/or starch paste for lining/covering your spine. Not really the
place for PVA's, for many, many reasons. Best,

James Tapley
Hand Bookbinder
2077 Thirteenth Street
Sarasota, FL 34237
Tel 941 366 8248

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