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Re: [BKARTS] ISBN, CIP & bar code

There is a charge for ISBN numbers, no charge for CIP numbers, and
a charge for barcodes.

I paid Bowker Books for a set of ISBN numbers so that my titles would
appear in 'Books in Print' but have not bothered paying for a barcode
because I don't expect my books to appear on supermarket shelves.

Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and many other distributors have purchased
titles I've published, for re-sale to their customers and they have
never told me that they won't buy my titles because they lack a barcode.

When I remember, I send a pre-publication sheet off to LC for a CIP
number, but I don't consider that very important.

I certainly would not lose any sleep over not doing any of that paper
work for an edition of 50 copies (or 200 copies) of a title.

More than that, and it would probably be worthwhile to do a CIP, if
you remember....


I'm with the Amazon.com Advantage Program, and yes, they now do require Bar
Coding and ISBN's with recent titles. It takes so little effort and cost to
apply for copyright, get CIP, obtain ISBN, get bar-coding, etc., if you are
doing trade editions, you almost have to do it, and it helps sells books. It
takes much more effort to apply for a grant.

A very good book, that has been around for quite some time and is now in its
12th edition, is Dan Poynter's _The Self-Publishing Manual_. All of this stuff
is exlained quite well within.

But do you need ISBNs, bar-coding, CIP, etc., with limited edition fine press
or artists books? Of course not. They rarely enter into the trade markets.

Gerald Lange
The Bieler Press

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