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[BKARTS] Ideas?

I am scheduled to have a show of books and paintings at the Interchurch
Center in NYC next summer, and have been trying to get funding to ship the
work, since the two times I drove trucks from NY to St. John's with presses
were not my favorite life experiences.
Here's the rub. The government agency which is most likely to help requires
a tour of 3 shows to apply for funding.
I realize that the time frame is really limiting, and that exhibitions are
coveted. I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas of exhibition spaces
which might be available in the fall of 2003.  The books and paintings
could be separated after the show in NY. I can't afford to mail letters of
inquiry to every books arts gallery hoping to get a positive response, so
I'm hoping someone will have some suggestions.
Any ideas would be most appreciated.

Tara Bryan
walking bird press
63 Deermarsh Road
Flatrock, Newfoundland A1K 1C8

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