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Re: [BKARTS] Ballot Conservation question

In a message dated 10/9/02 7:17:08 PM, JTHANDBOOK@AOL.COM writes:

<< Unfortunately encapsulation does not address the root problems if the
degradation is caused by more than mere bad handling. For example, if the
paper is highly acidic then encapsulation (which creates a micro-environment
within the envelope) without deacidification and buffering can actually
accelerate deterioration by trapping degradation byproducts. >>

The concern about a micro-environment may be true, however, polyester film
does allow for some movement of various products. Leaving an edge (or edges)
open may be helpful. Deacidification may also be desireable.
I guess I should have also suggested the inclusion of a sheet of buffered
paper, especially if the back of the ballot is blank/unprinted.
This is a topic that needs further discussion.
Bill Minter

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