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Re: [BKARTS] Tara Bryan's show

Having known Tara Bryan for well over a decade, I would like to encourage
any institution that can sponsor her show to do so.  I know that she has put
together an exhibition that will delight and inspire viewers.

My first Tara Bryan book was Wisconsin Seasons and it is still one of my
favorites.  In this Jacob's ladder book, hand-painted scenes from the four
seasons cascade into view with just the flick of a wrist.  It is always a
crowd-pleaser when I demonstrate it at workshops and public school programs.
There are very few structures that Tara hasn't explored. Besides the basic
codex they include movable books, tunnel books (some made out of one piece
of paper), flexagons, and she has even made an amazing 5-foot high pop-up
book out of huge sheets of Arches paper and cut-down hollow-core doors.
Each book that she creates is elegantly conceived and the perfect interplay
of text, illustration and structure.

I've seen photos and color transparencies of her large-scale paintings and
they are breathtaking.  I'm excited that her work is going to be displayed
in New York City and I hope that other parts of the country will be able to
experience her unique approach to the book arts and painting.

If at all possible, please consider sponsoring this show.  You won't be

Ed Hutchins

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