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[BKARTS] Free Press in Brooklyn


I've a Vandercook press in my apartment. Perhaps someone would like it? I
should mention now that it is very large and heavy. Dimension-wise about 5 ft
long 3 feet tall and about 2.5 feet wide. I estimate the weight to be about
800lbs. Heavy metal.

Below is some information i received about it from Eric Wagner:

This press was shipped 11/14/51 to Confort & Company, 309 Lafayette St., New
York City.  It is a standard Model 4 machine which was made from the 1930s
until about 1959.It is an excellent machine, and one that people are looking
for if you wish to get rid of it, or if you are thinking of buying it. We can
supply missing parts, new rollers, etc.

If you are interested in PICKING UP this press, please email me. My building
does have a freight elevator but otherwise i cannot provide any moving
assistance. If you are in NYC, i'd recommend coming to look at it first.


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