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[BKARTS] Complete Set Merker Books (Stonewall Press and Windhover Press)

Hello, I just found out about this list and signed on. I am Kim Merker's
daughter, and printed with him for many years before I left Iowa City
for college and the rest of the world. I never ever thought I would part
with my complete set of my father's books (both Stonewall and Windhover
Presses), but I am ready to do so now, with his blessing. My husband and
I are buying property and this will make it possible for us to actually
(almost) afford it. The books were appraised by Joseph the Provider at
$35,000 about six years ago. I have been offered $15,000 by a very kind
and generous person, and I will accept that offer if no one else is
willing to go significantly higher. At the same time, I have a big
financial need (I'm also paying off a week's vacation in the hospital,
which wasn't budgeted for) and would like to raise as much money from
these books as possible. I want these books to go to a good home, and I
want to go to a good home too. Anyone interested in making an offer may
contact me directly at


I appreciate your taking the time to read this.

Meghan Merker

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