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[BKARTS] using counter top laminate for a book cover

We are in the process of doing a whole house remodel. I have been give to small sheets of the laminate that will cover our kitchen countertops. I thought it would be a bit of cheeky type fun to make a house remodel journal using the two pieces of laminate for the covers. Now my problem and questions, laminate by itself is not that sturdy. It will chip and crack unless mounted on something. I was thinking binder board but then I wondered about the structure itself because the corners of the laminate would still be "at the corners". Otherwise it would lend itself to Coptic quite well and I can use a metal punch on it to punch the holes without cracking the laminate. I tried it on the tiny sample pieces you can get at Home Depot and Lowes. But, Coptic is not real sturdy and this is massive destruction and reconstruction going on in my house for the next four months that I will be journaling about. Anyone with tips, hints or suggestions, humorous or useful?


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