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[BKARTS] Digital Printing On Cloth Covers?

I got interested in inkjet printing on bookcloth, then someone mentioned that toner would be more durable. So I got hold of a sample of laser printable bookcloth. Wondering if anyone has any experience with laser printing on the bookcloth mentioned below? Is the color fastness similar to normal ink printed books? Is the color fastness much better than many inkjet inks?

Just received some samples of Digitex 160 bookcloth today from Columbia Finishing Mills. It is made by ICG/Holliston. It is a cloth material for on-demand book covers, photographic reproductions, and art reproductions. It is designed to work with dry toner, electrophotographic print engines (laser printers, photocopy machines etc). One of the samples already had a photograph printed on it. Looks pretty artsy, like a painting reproduction on canvas.

According to the brochure, "The specially designed product uses B grade cloth and has excellent whiteness, color gamut, sharpness, toner adhesion, resolution, resistance to marring and abrasion immediately upon exit from the printer."

According to the brochure Dr. B. E. Springett, of Xerox, has reported that in the area of archival properties, "Xerox toners will typically outlast the paper or cloth that is used for the base support. Color toners will shift colors first then begin to fade when exposed to blue or ultra-violet light. Noticeable shifts will occur indoors in direct light between 5 and 10 years, outdoors in full sunlight a change will be seen in 10 wks."

Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 800-267-9174
Website: columbiafinishingmills.com

COST OF DIGITEX 160 (Canadian dollars) $1.00 Cdn $=$0.63 US
12.6" x 18.5" = 0.86 cents/sheet in boxes of 250
12.6" x 18.5" = $19.00 for 25 test sheets
Also sold in rolls of 1640, 820, 328 ft

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