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Re: [BKARTS] help with a student project

Hi.. I'm in the process of developing a book arts activity for a 7th grade classroom (120 kids total in groups of 25 at a time or 50 with two teachers).  The assignment is to create a series of writings (average of 6-10) on a theme and then illustrate and bind the books.  The writing portion of the project will take half a year to complete.  Once I get to the point that we are ready to compile the materials, find illustrations, decide how each student wants to display, etc. I will be doing small bookarts workshops with them and assisting them in creating their books.  I'm showing the students a lot of different artist's books in books and on websites to help them to get ideas for how they might illustrate, bind, etc.  I expect that students will use various techniques depending in part on what I can show them, what they already have familiarity with and what help they may get elsewhere.  I expect to give some help with photoshop, pagemaker or layout programs, zerox transfer, tipping in, altered book or altered objects, envelopes, boxes, books within books, etc. ... depending on what each kid needs or wants to do.  And what I can really manage in and outside of class.

A lot of kids are showing interest in making boxes for their books.  So I'm thinking of limiting them to either accordion, japanese stab, or wire bound and one box.

If anyone on the list is doing or has done a project of this kind, I would really appreciate talking to you.  I'd really like my students to have a good experience and I want to sew up(no pun intended :) all the details now so that I can be sure they do.  I am especially interested in information on the most manageable size for books and boxes for a group project like this, how to estimate costs for the project, and feedback of any kind that could help me make this project more of a success.

Thanks Audrey
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