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Re: [BKARTS] ALERT! Do not open Happy Allhallowmas - VIRUS!

Only opening emails from senders you know is no safeguard. Several of the
most prolific viruses around today may well look like they've come from
someone you know but, in fact, come from the infected computer of a third
party who has both you and your friend in their address book.

The answer is to get a good virus checker, keep it up to date and use it to
scan your mail as it downloads and you'll be 99% safe. (There's no such
thing as 100% safe!). It's a good investment - cleaning up after a nasty
virus attack will cost you much more.


----- Original Message -----

... it apears that a virus has somehow gotten into my e-mail and
automatically sent itself on to everyone in my address book ... I am usually
very careful about opening e-mail items and do not open anything unless I
know the sender.

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