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Re: [BKARTS] Binding in Colorado Springs

The bookbinders in Colorado Springs are not really organized as a group.
There are three of us that I know of.  I, Karen Pardue, and a Mr. Clausen,
are member of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the GBW.  Mr. Clausen is a book
dealer, his GBW bio indicates he works in a few disciplines, but I have not
seen his work.  He is relatively new to the bookbinding community.  I have
been binding for 23 years and I am an edition binder.  I am taking a hiatus
from practice right now because I am finishing my library science degree.  I
will eventually pick it back up.  The third binder, Eileen Rahm, has been at
it the longest, but her training originates with the old trade binderies.
Therefore, her work is less conservation-oriented.  She may have come up to
speed on that in recent years, I don't know for sure.  I have wanted to
gather a group together for a long time.  I feel my best contribution, at
this point, to Colorado Springs book arts is to eventually use my influence
as a librarian to create venues for exhibition should a group be formed.
Aside from the efforts of the late James Trissel to expose Colorado Springs
to fine printing and binding through his Press at Colorado College, this
community is woefully ignorant of book arts and all its joys.
Karen Terrell Pardue
WhiteRiver Studio
Colorado Springs, CO

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