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[BKARTS] Clasps and closures


I've been a lurker on this excellent list for year or so, and now I am
in need of some advice/assistance.

I am a metalsmith who has recently become interested in bookbinding. I'm
looking for any available information on metal book clasps and closures,
hinges, and other book hardware, and for any info or history of same for
a class I am planning to teach. I am particularly interested in any good
technical info on the construction and attachment of the various book

I was told that there was an article in a copy of an old journal
published by the Guild of Bookworkers, Vol XXIX, No 2, Fall 1991 titled
"Clasps, Schliessen, Clausuren" which would be useful to have. I will
write the Guild of Bookworkers about it, but I heard that it could take
some time to get a copy of the journal from them. Does anyone have any
idea at all where I can easily find one? I looked in the ABE database,
and elsewhere, and have had no luck finding a copy so far.

Any other helpful leads or tips would also be much appreciated. I am
aware of Archaeology of the Medieval Book,  and I'm also madly searching
the web for any info, but not finding much.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Joycelyn Merchant

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