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[BKARTS] Re a buggy problem

Yes there could be some changes to paper by repeated freezing cycles. We
have a freeze drier and have not seen any signs of problems with freezing
paper, but obviously we have not been watching for more than a decade or
so, not for the centuries that would be necessary to really know. The
question comes to how much damage are the insects doing, obviously it would
be possible to take the whole lot outside, and work through every book,
brushing every page, and then putting each book in a separate bag, to keep
the apart for longer than the gestation period for that specific insect. In
many ways this would be the best way, but we were told by one of the top
companies in this field in this country about the freezing method, and
there does not seem top be large damage from freezing, provided you let the
paper reacclimatize over a reasonable period, before any significant handling.

Nic Rayner

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