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[BKARTS] newbie seeking feedback re: educational options

Greetings & Happy Halloween!

This list serv is great!

I am new to the list and book arts in general. I have a strong background in
graphic arts and museum curation and am trying to weave book arts
(letterpress, binding, printmaking, etc) into the mix. If anyone could provide
feedback on a few education-related questions, it would be most appreciated.

*advice on entering a MFA program vs. doing an apprenticeship (pros and cons
of both)

*MFA programs in CA (I'm moving back next year; currently in Virginia)

*apprenticeships in CA

If there's an archive on the list that has all of this covered already, please
send me directions to it. I'm also new to the whole list-serv thing, so it's a
tad overwhelming!

Thanks all-

Shannon Wilson
Snakedoctor Press

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