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Re: [BKARTS] Watch Closely

Hi John,

I've been meaning to write you and let you know that I've completely
re-thought and re-designed the "Watch Closely - Pictures that Move"
workshop.  It's now called "The Secrets of Paper Animation."  I taught it a
few weeks ago in Manhattan and just last week in Toronto.  I've introduced
some new mechanisms (for a total of 8!), we consider content more, and we
cover more ground.  I'm very excited about the new approach and the response
has been great.

If it's possible, it would be good to change the name of the class on your
publicity.  BUT it's not a requirement.  Regardless of what the class is
called, the information will be new and improved.

Aw-w-w-w, that unending quest for improvement.

Hugs, Ed

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