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Re: [BKARTS] People's Interests On Book Arts List

For whatever it's worth, my unscientific guess is that Book_Arts_L
focuses primarily on binding, conservation and artist's books, with the
hardcore printers and curmudgeons migrating to Letpress and the hardcore
scholars and librarians to ExLibris. But there is a healthy overlap
(perhaps 20%?) among the various lists. On what topics were you seeking
information that didn't get any responses?

-David S. Rose
 Five Roses Press

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Subject: [BKARTS] People's Interests On Book Arts List

I have been on the Book Arts List for over 5 months. I have asked
and got replies in certain book related fields of interest. In other
related fields there didn't seem to be much interest at all. I am
if someone has figured out what types of people are on the Book Arts
what are they mostly interested in, what aren't they interested in, and
is the Book Arts List primarily for?

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