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Re: [BKARTS] People's Interests On Book Arts List

In a message dated 11/1/02 4:14:55 PM, verheyen@PHILOBIBLON.COM writes:

<< Those interests have also grown to
include printing, artists books, and others, due in large part to my
exposure to them via this list. >>

Way to go, Peter! Me too, in totally other directions (conservation,
archiving, traditional techniques, computers). I have always enjoyed the
diversity of both opinion and expertise on this List (even when that
diversity sometimes devolves into something resembling a high-intellect
street brawl, it's still entertaining). The broad range of our interests is
reflected in the "all over the map" subject matters. I might also add that
sometimes people don't respond not because they lack interest in the topic
but because they're too darned busy! Barbara Harman

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