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Re: [BKARTS] People's Interests On Book Arts List

Peter, thanks for the replies. But still:

   1. What is a book artist? Also is this the type of person the list was
started for.
   2. What are artist books? Non commercial books? Books of art? Books with
artistic covers?
   3. What are traditional binding techniques. Lots of discussion about this
on the List. Is a year 1930 double-fan glued commercial book in this group.
   4. What about modern commercial books and bindings. Is there little
interest in this topic on this list? What about new improved commercial
bindings or new limited production bindings.
   5. What about lithography and toner based printing. I suspect this isn't
something welcomed on this list, rather one should be doing more traditional
letterpress printing?
   6. Is the List largely about traditional methods only?
   7. Do Book Artists spend most of their time going to workshops and
traveling to non-profit Book Arts meetings? Is this sense of community what
Book Arts is all about? I don't even now what this is about.

Just trying to find what this Book Artist List is all about. There is a very
particular bent to the messages and thinking and I can't put my finger on
what that is all about. I am into new improved more limited production
commercial books with touches of good old stuff revived. On that basis I
like to hear about traditional processes. Of course I am very interested in
all kinds of book bindings, both old and new. But it seems that new is not
that welcome on this List, one should be into the old. Am I right? I am not
critical of what the List is all about, I just can't figure out how so many
people can think alike when I can't even figure out what "this stuff" that
everyone is talking about on the list is all about. I feel like an outsider
in many of the questions I am asking, yet it is hard to find any better
information on book structure than on this List.

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-----Original Message-----
As listowner, I can answer that one. The list was originally conceived in
1994 as a forum for exchanging ideas about technique, design, tools,
education, exhibits, advertising services of interest and use to book
artists of all ilks. Since then it has also developed a sense of community,
bringing these together in a way I could never have imagined.

>... , and what is the Book Arts List primarily for?
>Ben Wiens...applied energy scientist

Speaking strictly for myself, I am primarily interested in traditional
binding techniques and related aspects. Those interests have also grown to
include printing, artists books, and others, due in large part to my
exposure to them via this list.

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