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[BKARTS] cross pollination

[Synthropol are available from places like Dharma Trading Co. in San Rafael
- no commercial ties here but just a glad customer and user of what they do
- dharmatrading.com, free catalog, decades of experience and intelligent
curious folks.]

Good morning all ~ just a wee note of caution re: Synthrolpol which is
clearly noted on the bottle, but not quite to be believed until experienced.
When it says as few drops, it means a few drops, especially if used in an
agitator washing machine. Whoopee, the kids would love to see the emerging
suds overflowing and overflowing and overflowing the machine.

Now - as a cross over to surface design myself, I am curious to know if
others on the list both surf and book? If so, I would enjoy chat (off-line
might suit the world of those more dedicated than I to one genre) concerning
some of the issues of challenge.

Momentarily, I am trying to print on muslin (an alternate to mull in current
conversations related to book): any thoughts? I am always nervous about
ruining printers...

All advice appreciated! Thanks. A.

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