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Re: [BKARTS] what is this thing called love?

I'm new to the book arts myself, but I think that you've hit upon an
ambiguity that is central to the field itself, not to this list specifically.
 The field allows for the broad range of interests... as do books in general.
  I'm mostly interested in the bookarts from the point of view of an artist
and meaning maker.   (with a parenthetical interest in teaching... ;)   I
want to learn about all types of book forms.   I'm also exploring design,
text, sculptural uses of paper,  digital arts, photography, light and
reflection.  I read everything on this list, even when it isn't of particular
interest to me.    Admittedly, I scan some of the entries at times.  For
instance, I followed your thread only lightly because I'm not much of a
scientist...   a focus on the structural integrity of  materials and form
isn't something I really can use or contribute to.   I won't be pull testing
different glues myself, at this point.  At present, I  content myself with
figuring out the direction of the grain of my paper and board.

In any case, I think it would be interesting to find out the different
directions that people on the list take.  I once was on a list that kept a
page of members with their affiliations.  I found it very useful, although a
bit of a task to compile.  I would enjoy putting such a list together if it
seemed like something that would benefit the group generally.


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