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Re: [BKARTS] Large Book Imposition


I find that the best printing manager for printing books and booklets is
the one by Corel/Ventura for use with their various programs.  Has many
ways to set the thing up.  In Pagemaker, you need to set the order in the
printer dialog, and then do a multipage layout, but the inverted pages are
a problem.  You can write a macro to do this, but it is a pain.

Usually what I do is to revert to ClickBook when I run up against a brick
wall, but in ClickBook there's no way to invert pages, so you have to do a
cut-sheet version of the traditional book fold.  This is not always a bad
idea, as there are a few less hand steps if you shear the sheets down to
8-1/2x11.  The imposition is a bit different, but ClickBook does that

I wish there were a really good printer imposition program available which
had all the useful variations on book folds, and didn't cost the world.  I
haven't found it if it exists.  As I say, the Corel/Ventura driver works
best, but it is only good for Corel/Ventura documents.


At 12:32 PM 03/11/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>I have to plan a large book that will be photocopied onto signatures, four
>sheets of 11x17 paper copied on both sides. The entire book will be about
>480 pages. I'm trying to figure out a way plan the printer spreads without
>building an actual dummy of 480 pages. I was hoping that Pagemaker's "Build
>Booklet" command would help, but apparently it's designed for single
>signature or perfect bound books only.
>If you have any advice or suggestions, please email me offlist. Thanks.

Gavin Stairs
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Gavin Stairs Fine Editions is a small, computer press specializing in book
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