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Re: [BKARTS] Large Book Imposition

Hi Katie:

I spent months last year investigating desktop publishing programs to
publish scientific books with and found Corel Ventura to be the most awesome
program, that is if you use a PC computer. Like Gavin mentioned it has
features for printing out your book out pretty much any way you desire. Many
other desktop publishing programs don't have the fancy layout features of
Ventura. Just click on a couple of buttons and your sheets with multiple
pages are arranged. I was pretty worried about getting Ventura after it was
rumored to be going extinct, but version 10 has just been released.

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I find that the best printing manager for printing books and booklets is
the one by Corel/Ventura for use with their various programs.  Has many
ways to set the thing up.  In Pagemaker, you need to set the order in the
printer dialog, and then do a multipage layout, but the inverted pages are
a problem.  You can write a macro to do this, but it is a pain.

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