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Re: [BKARTS] People's Interests On Book Arts List

I don't think you are right here, many offset printers are getting
rid of their larger presses and gearing up to fast turn-around
smaller format persses, but offset will still be around for the
forseeable, (30-50 year,) future.

AB Dick in the last three years has introduced more new models of
small format presses, (under 14x20 sheet size,) in the last two
years, than they did as two companies (A-M International and AB
Dick,) in the prior five years.

--- RLavadour <paper@OREGONTRAIL.NET> wrote:
> In terms of offset vs. letterpress, some of the key works created
> in the
> 60's were printed offset and it continues to be strong. See:
> http://www.nexuspress.org/pages/nexuspress/nexuspress.html
> One element seems to be the artist's involvement in plate
> preparation and
> printing (or collaboration with a master printer), regardless of
> the medium,
> and as commercial print shops move towards digital output, more
> discarded
> offset presses will be in the hands of artists. Letterpress is
> still
> certainly taught much more in book arts centers now.

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