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Re: [BKARTS] People's Interests On Book Arts List

Thanks Peter Verheyen, Richard Minsky, and others for information and links
about this mysterious topic of "Book Arts". I read thousands and thousands
of words, and I'm just starting to grasp what that means but I'm really
still quite confused as it seems many others are. I signed up on this List
thinking that "Book Arts" was just a generalized term that encompassed
anything to do with Books. I even read many of the documents on the "Book
Arts Web" months ago, but without some of your help I would not have
fathomed what this topic is even about. Never heard of such as thing in my
life before.

In many major topics of interest in life there are different fields. With
books I would split these up into different branches some of which are shown
below. Now is "Book Arts" a field on it's own or are any of the other
related fields incorporated into "Book Arts" as well? It appears it is
completely on it's own. I seems that one definition of an "ARTIST BOOK" is
that it should be impractical as a commercial book? But why?

Book Arts
Book Science
Book Engineering
Book Craft
Book Industrial Design
Book Illustration
Book Editing
Book Conservation
Book Typography
Book Cover Design
Book Historian
Book Production
Book Binding
Book Papermaking
Book Writing
Book Publishing
Book Selling

Most professional fields of interest have practical or money making aspects
attached to them. For example kids play soccer after school, they play in
leagues in high school, and some sign up later for professional teams and
make money. Do people make money doing "Book Arts". Couldn't find any
information on this. I have a background in art, industrial design, and now
have studied bookbinding. Am I barking up the wrong tree here in writing a
commercial book to sell for $25. Could I just write and create one "Artist
Book" and sell it for $20,000. Oh, is this field competitive and would that
be hard to do. Or do "Book Artist" not make any money in their craft?

Some of the articles I read discussed that a book is either an "Artist Book"
with little commercial or often practical aspects to it, or a "Commercial
Book". It seems that there is a strong resistance to marry the two. Why
couldn't a "Book Artist" do cover designs for a commercial book publisher?
But it appears that is frowned on? Is it? And why is this? I am working
towards an elegant book design but it will be a commercial book. If it has a
nice design would I be able to show it off as an "Artist Book"?

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others have offered good replies, but let me give this a try. I don't think
I'm going to be able to answer all your questions though.

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