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[BKARTS] Large Book Imposition

It should be fairly easy. You already know you will have 30 sigs of 16 pages
each. So the first sig will have pages 1 & 16, backing 2 & 15, and then 3 &
14, backing 4 & 13, then 5 & 12, backing 6 & 11, then 7 & 10, backing 8 & 9.
The next sig will start with 17 & 32, and the sequence repeats. And so on for
all the sigs. To double check just make one 16 page dummy. The number
sequence is just mathematical.

Jill Timm
Mystical Places Press
Handcrafted artist books,
one of a kinds and small editions,
miniature and not so miniature.

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